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Is your dinner making you fat?

  • April 05, 2019

Many people think about how if they eat late in the evening, they will get fat faster. Is that the truth? Well, not at all. For so long, this myth was alive. People believed how if they eat late at night they will get fat faster than if they eat huge amount of food at morning. Everyone has believed in this for literally decades. But, the truth is completely different. Continue reading and find out how different it is and why!

Let's say that you eat approximately 2,000 calories per day. That is the average number that adults need daily. Let's say that you have skipped your breakfast too. You ate your lunch, and you got hungry late in the evening. Will your dinner make you fat then? Would you lose weight if you have skipped it and ate breakfast instead which contains that amount of calories?

Not at all. The truth is, everything is about math. You can eat the dinner only which is consisted of 2,000 calories and not get fat. How? Because all that is important for losing weight is a number of calories. Of course, don't get me wrong, if you eat 2,000 calories from chocolate, you won't look the same as if you have eaten 2,000 calories of veggies and meat. Nevertheless, you won't get fat in both ways.

So, you can eat whenever you want, the only point is to eat an approximate number of calories you need. Also, keep in mind how I am not talking about health here. Of course how it is recommended to have more meals than just one. Your body will definitely be thankful to you if you have such habits.

Overall, you don't get fat because you eat late at night. You get fat because you eat more calories than you need. How many calories do you need? You can check that on any BMI and TDEE calculator.

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